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SEO Ireland – 6 Top Digital Marketing Strategies For More Christmas 2016 Website Conversions 

Do you need to change your digital marketing strategy? Christmas 2016 is approaching fast. As a business owner you are probably busy making last minute arrangements in your store, selecting the right goods for your customers or buying Christmas decorations. But do not forget to make important improvements to your digital marketing strategy to increase your conversions during the most important time of the year.  seo ireland.

Some Facts 

According to Google m-commerce in Ireland is worth 340 million. Today, Irish people own an average of 3.2 devices such as smartphones and tabletsseo ireland

An interesting study conducted by Wolfgang Digital has analysed 87 million website session and 230 € million in online revenue of all their participants website between April 2015 and April 2016. The participants of the study were mostly from the retail sector (online only and multichannel retailers) and the travel sector (hotels mostly and small number of visitor centres and other attractions). seo ireland.

Although results were significantly different for both sectors, the following findings highlight digital marketing strategy facts and trends that have emerged over the years:


  • Google. 69% of website traffic and 67% of website revenue are delivered by Google.
  • Facebook. Facebook traffic previously accounted for 1.3% of website traffic. This has now increased to 5%.
  • Email. You should not underestimate Email, which represent as much traffic as all social channels combined and ranks third behind search and direct traffic for revenue generation.
  • SEO  Ireland vs. PPC Ireland. AdWords is still considered the “King of the Conversion”. The study shows a strong correlation between a high percentage of Google paid traffic and high conversion rate. Furthermore, a high percentage of Google Organic traffic correlates strongly with a high average order value (AOV).
  • Mobile. Mobile is the busiest device for traffic, but recently it under performs for revenue as desktops still generate 63% of revenue. This may indicate that most researches are performed on mobiles and purchases on desktops.
  • Site Speed. it has been found that speed matters more than any of the website engagement metrics. A faster site earns more traffic.
  • People purchase online more. Average conversion rates have increased 10% since last study. seo ireland.


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